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How to Install Ghostview in Windows

To read postscript files on your Windows PC computer, you can use ghostview. The following procedure describes how to set-up ghostview on a Win95 operating system.

1. Download the zip files into the same directory, gs403ini.zip , gs403fn1.zip , gs403w32.zip , gsview21.zip

2. Unzip the file gsview21.zip.
3. Run the setup.exe file generated from unzipping gsview21.zip.

To unzip a zip file, you may use the WinZip utility (click here to download WinZip).

If the above technique did not work, there is more information available from the Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview home page

This page was based on the Ghostview Download for the UCLA EE5C class
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Last modified May 23, 1999.