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Implementation of Dynamic Source Routing

This page describes Release 0.02 of the Rice Monarch Research Group implementation of DSR for FreeBSD 3.3 and 2.2.7. This code is pre-alpha release. People without significant kernel development experience and a willingness to read the code should not expect to be able to install or use this implementation at this point in time. It is being made available for the information and use of other network researchers.

Be aware that there are also a number of "sanity checks" in the kernel code that will probably cause this kernel to panic if the code is run outside of our testbed environment. For example, there are checks to verify that all IP addresses fall inside the range used for our testbed. All of these checks can be removed by undefining MONARCH_EXTRA_CHECK in the kernel configuration file, or you can update for your environment.

This release contains code that is part of the testbed described in CMU Technical Report 99-116 about our implementation experience.

The implementation contains most of the features of draft-ietf-manet-dsr-01.txt.

Partial Feature List for Release 0.02

Release 0.02 is available as a gzip'ed tar file:

The release contains code for modified system utilities a complete kernel source trees for FreeBSD 2.2.7 and FreeBSD 3.3.

Usage Hints

This is a ``Use the Source, Luke'' distribution. There is no documentation except for the source, which is the ultimate authority anyway.

Unsupported pathstate and link-layer ack implementation

kernel and other source


DSR uses IPv6-style options headers to carry its routing information. The code for processing these headers was taken from the INRIA IPv6 distribution, for which we are extremely grateful.

All source code written by the Rice Monarch Research Group and modifications to existing code are covered by the standard Rice Monarch Research Group Copyright and Disclaimer, even if this notice does not appear in the individual files containing the source code.

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Last modified April 25, 2000.