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Wireless and Mobility Extensions to ns-2

The Rice Monarch Research Group has made substantial extensions to the ns-2 network simulator that enable it to accurately simulate mobile nodes connected by wireless network interfaces, including the ability to simulate multi-hop wireless ad hoc networks.

ad-hockey for Perl/Tk800.015

A new version of ad-hockey is available!. This new version runs with Perl/Tk800.015 (available via the Perl/Tk FAQ)

Older versions of ad-hockey would freeze up after hitting the start button unless they were run with Perl/Tk400.200. The snapshot itself still contains the old ad-hockey, and so Perl/Tk400.200 is still available from our misc software page.

Snapshot 1.1.2 Feature List:

Snapshots are not true releases of the Rice Monarch extensions, but a snapshot of the head of our current working source tree. Like Release 1.0.0-beta, the snapshot includes a complete ns-2 source tree containing the Rice Monarch extensions.

Snapshot 1.1.2 is available as a gzip'ed tar file: (released 8/11/99)

The base version of ns-2 on which the Rice Monarch extensions can be installed is now available directly from this web page (higher version numbers of ns-allinone are not recommended for our extensions): The current documentation for the Rice Monarch wireless and mobility extensions and the ad-hockey visualization tool are included in the tarball above. They are also available separately as: They are distributed as Adobe Postscript files that can be read on Windows platforms using ghostview for Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to very frequently asked questions are here:

The scenarios we used in preparing MobiCom'98 paper ``A Performance Comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols,'' are available as a 16MB tar file cmuns-scenarios.tar.gz that expands to 150MB when uncompressed. There are two types of files in the directory: The tools in ns/ns-src/cmu/setdest can help you generate your own movement patterns.

In general, we won't be able to be of much help in solving installation or initial compilation/use problems. We are a university research group doing basic research on networking protocols and ad hoc networks. We created our extensions to ns-2 as they were a critically important tool to support our research, and we are making them available in case they can help others as well. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide basic technical support. Like the ns system itself, the code is very hands on, and anyone working with the system will need to spend a fair amount of time understanding the existing code base.

We do the majority of our development and testing on iX86 boxes running FreeBSD or Red Hat Linux, so you will have the fewest problems if you use one of those platforms. We are currently working with the core ns team at ISI to integrate our extensions into the base code, but until that happens we can not provide much support for other systems. The integration should be completed by second quarter 1999.

The vast majority of build and installation problems with Release 1.0.0 were reported by users with SPARC systems. Snapshot 1.1.0 includes several changes intended to allow the Rice Monarch extensions to run on platforms that require aligned memory accesses with out causing bus errors. We'd appreciate feedback from any SPARC users as to whether they still see bus errors coming from cmu-trace.cc and mac-802_11.cc.

For information on the e-mail mailing lists we have set up related to our research in the Rice Monarch Research Group and to our software distributions, see our mailing lists page.

Change List and Previous Releases

Snapshot 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 8/11/99 Snapshot 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 8/5/99

Snapshot 1.1.0 is available as a gzip'ed tar file: DEPRECATED 8/5/99

Release 1.0.0-beta is still available as:

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