[Rice Monarch Research Group: Mobile Networking Architectures]

The Rice University Monarch Research Group:

Mobile Networking Architectures

Protocols for Adaptive Mobile and Wireless Networking

    The Monarch Research Group in the Department of Computer Science at Rice University addresses the area of networking support for wireless and mobile hosts. We are developing networking protocols and protocol interfaces to allow truly seamless wireless and mobile host networking. The scope of our research includes protocol design, implementation, performance evaluation, and usage-based validation, spanning areas ranging roughly from portions of the ISO Data Link layer (layer 2) through the Presentation layer (layer 6). The goal of this work is to enable mobile hosts to communicate with each other and with stationary or wired hosts, transparently and adaptively making the most efficient use of the best network connectivity available to the mobile host at any time.
    The name "Monarch" derives from the migratory behavior of the monarch butterfly. Each autumn, millions of monarch butterflies migrate from central and eastern United States and Canada to overwintering roosts in central Mexico; with the coming of spring, the monarch population again migrates northward. During migration, they may cover 80 miles or more per day. This migration is beautifully documented in the US PBS NOVA documentary film "The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies". The name "Monarch" can also be considered as an acronym for "MObile Networking ARCHitectures".

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